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Hummer Desert Safari – AED 175 / Person

Here at Hummer Desert Safari Tour, We provide our clients with a taste of the luxurious life.

At Hummer Safari we create a royal class atmosphere & provide VIP protocol to all of our clients & tourist.

Find Hummer Safari With our company & get more than just a best Safari Offers & Hummer desert safari Packages.

Tour Inclusions:
– Hummer Desert Safari Includes
– All Package Includes Free Pick/Drop Service.
– All Package Includes 5 Live Entertainment Shows
– Dune Bashing
– Heart Of Safari Experience Enjoy 4×4 Off-Drive With Our Expert Drivers.
– Ride Friendly Natures Camels With Your Love One
– Surf Sand Board, Capture Sun Set, Free Henna Tattoos
– Enjoy BBQ Buffet Dinner With Veg/Non-Veg option

Hummer Desert Safari Excludes
– Horse Ride
– Long Camel Ride
– Quad Bike* In Advance Package Only
– Explore the deserts of Dubai in style in a Hummer

A big portion of Dubai is covered in the golden sands.

The deserts of Dubai is what makes it stand out from the rest of the world.

A wonderful and luxurious tour of these golden sand dunes in the sun can be very fulfilling for the soul.

However, the heat and inconvenience can be difficult for you to endure.

So if you are planning a tour, make sure that it is luxurious. Hummer Desert Safari is the best way to go through the dunes and enjoy the views.

You might be thinking that how is a tour in Hummer different from a tour in any other vehicle and if it is a safari why not take an open jeep for it.

If you travel by an open jeep, and you are not used to a high afternoon sun, you will not be able to take it. Things that you can expect as a part of the desert safari

Special Things in Dubai

When you are in Dubai, everything is special. You get more than you expect, and that is true for the Hummer desert safari as well.

As a part of the safari, you will not be driving around in a Hummer around the desert only. There are many adventurous and fun things that you can do as a part of the tour.

First of all, you get picked up from your hotel or residence or wherever you are staying.

Drive to the campsite at the desert in a luxurious Hummer where you are offered complimentary tea/coffee

You can have as much mineral water and juice as you want, in the house.

There snacks and sandwiches as a part of the tour as well while you are driven around by an expert driver over the sand dunes.

Other than riding around in the Hummer, you can try out camel riding and sand boarding as well if you want too without any extra charges.

Desert Evening Sunset

Get to enjoy the wonderful sunset in the deserts. You can watch fire shows and the Arabian dance.

Desert Safari Arabian Costumes

Try out traditional Arabian dresses and get into a photo session for souvenirs.

Arabian Hubble Bubble

You can try out the Arabian Hubble Bubble if you want to, which is an Arabian water-smoking pipe.

Arabic Henna Designs

Also you may also try out the henna designs on your hands as well if you are interested.

As a part of the desert tour, you can have Arabian sweets and snacks and fruits and extravagant barbecues dinners as well.

You are safely dropped at your preferred location after the tour is over.

There are other optional things that you might want to try out as a part of the hummer desert safari, but they are going to cost you extra.

The complete tour takes approximately 6 hours of time, not including the time to pick you up and drop you at your location.

It is a very affordable and enjoyable tour and if you happen to visit Dubai with your family then this could be a very fun tour for you to take.

The tour is available on a daily basis and there are many service providers for this kind of hummer desert tours. There are some safety norms that you might have to follow as a part of the tour.

Also, different service providers may have different tour plans, so this is a basic idea of all the things that you can do as a part of the tour, but not necessarily what every service provider does.

You can find the details and tour plans of different tour agencies on the internet quite easily.