What are the Important Building Management Signs

What are the Important Building Management Signs?

If you live and own property in the NYC area you now that there are several types of required HPD Signs. Making sure that you have the required signs is your responsibility. Over the years, the types of required HPD Signs are have changed a bit and it is important that you keep up on the newest regulations. If you are not familiar with the signs that you will need it is imperative that you seek the advice of experts. Who are the experts? Those who work with these types of signs daily and know all the regulations. Your local NY sign company.


Below is a brief list of some of the required HPD Signs in NYC. Most are those that you may be aware of while others may be new to you and your business.

  • Boiler Rooms Signs-The name and number of the person holding the keys must be present on the boiler room signs.
  • Floor Number Signs- These are the signs that give the number of the floor. Signs must be displayed clearly.
  • Regulatory Signs- Include Serial Number Signs, Garbage Collection Signs, and Disaster Response Signs.
  • Danger Elevator Equipment Room Signs- Lets all individuals know where the elevator equipment is located.
  • Do Not Throw Trash Signs- Signs are to be displayed so that all trash and refuse is thrown in the designated area.
  • Electrical Room Signs-Lets individuals know where the electrical room is located.
  • Authorized Personnel Room Sign- Only authorized personnel is permitted in these areas.
  • Elevator Out of Service Signs- Lets others know that the elevator is not working properly.
  • Gas Meter Room Signs- Where the gas meters are located.
  • Management Office Signs- Where you will find the business or office management team or personnel.
  • In Case of Fire Elevator Signs_ In case of fire do not use elevators.
  • Restroom Signs
  • Rubbish Notice Signs
  • Storm Sanitary Signs
  • Warning Alarm Signs- Lets others know of the warning alarm system.

The above signs are just a fraction of those that are needed, and the full list is available for those who would like to research them. The Housing Preservation and Development program in NYC is the department that makes sure there is both safe and affordable housing in the NYC area. In order to keep tenants and visitors safe there are certain safety sign that are required in all buildings.

Regulatory Signs NY

HPD Signs are regulated and if you own property they will need to be displayed properly. Boiler rooms signs must be on the boiler room door with the name and number of the person holding the keys. Fire Safety Signs NY must be displayed in the areas where the regulations state so that in case of a fire all individuals know where the extinguishers are located.

Restroom signs must be clearly visible and marked for either sex. Other HPD Signs include the elevator signs and office management signs. All these signs are needed to keep your property safe and running smoothly.

Have questions or concerns when it comes to HPD Signs NYC? Feel free to contact a member of or team and we will be happy to help you.


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